Article: Adventure by Rodney Bennie, March 20, 2021

March 20, 2021 by Rodney Bennie, COPA member

Swift Current to Brandon: Filing a flight plan with FIC in Winnipeg was so easy and the extra information that was given to me about the route was great. More friendly and helpful you could not get.

My flight took me over Regina airspace and not having flown over bigger airports for a few years was a little stressful but I did some studding the night before so had an idea of what the procedures would be when getting there. Once again what a pleasure the tower gave me all the info I needed and crossed over without any problems. This was the same coming back latter that same day. While we talking about Regina tower they must have had at least six planes in the area that afternoon and having the ATC available sure made for a safe and very well organized transitioned flight for all traffic. (The feds want to close this tower? I’m sure some carbon tax money could be used to keep this operation running???).

The ATC in Brandon was the best. After landing he closed my flight plan for me, directed me to the fuel pumps and on leaving confirmed my flight plan and gave me all available information for my flight out in the area. Once again Winnipeg FIC where a pleasure to deal with.

I have not done any full day cross country flights for a few years but after my experience on this one I’m ready for the next. What a great day and thanks to all for the help.


Rodney Bennie


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