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Fuel Issues

Moosomin: -cfs says 100LL available, I called the number (think it was the town, this was a few years ago), got forwarded to a dentist office, the guy had since retired, finally found out it was self serve a few days later and have used it quite a few times since

Buffalo Narrows: -cfs says 100LL available, called for 3 days with no answer, looked up the operators website and called other numbers/emailed w/ no answer, decided to reroute our trip to a much longer route. I’ve talked to multiple pilots who have refuelled there a few months prior saying they got an answer no problem.

Maple Creek: -cfs says 100LL available, operated by the town, I didn’t stop in I just ended up routing to swift current since it was a weekend so i’m not sure what setup it has.