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$20 MOUNTAIN SEMINAR:March 24, 2021

$20, March 24, 2021 Wednesday: MOUNTAIN SEMINAR
For those of you that are interested, Lukas McDowell (Freelance instructor out of Red Deer), will be running a mountain flying ground school on Wednesday this week. The cost will be $20.00/person.
Originally, it was scheduled for Thursday, however it has been moved to Wednesday, the 24th, From 0100-0300Z. The platform will be Google Meets (similar to Zoom) Here’s the link:

Let me know if you’re interested in joining us on Wednesday. Have a good evening,


Josh Dueck

Please note: Josh has been organizing  our first BC trip for July, first timers to experienced mountain flyers! If you are interested contact Josh or Candace Pardo to be added to the trip- even if just interested in learning about it!! Thank you Josh!