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SINCE 1952

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To Advance, Promote, and Preserve the Canadian Freedom to Fly


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The Canadian Owners and Pilots Association was founded in 1952 to speak as the unified voice for general aviation in Canada. Since then, COPA has grown to meet the ever-changing needs of the Canadian aviation community and became the recognized voice of general aviation in Canada. The COPA Flight Safety Foundation, founded in 1973 to promote flight safety in the field of general aviation, collects donations from across the country to sponsor COPA’s safety-related initiatives, including the COPA Neil J. Armstrong Scholarship.

Due to the wide variety of challenges and obstacles faced by the general aviation community, COPA created a fund to solicit contributions which are used to fund legal actions at all levels and projects of national importance vital to the future of general aviation. To date, the COPA Freedom to Fly Fund has provided more than $1.3 million to secure general aviation’s future in Canada.

COPA is also active at the grassroots level, with over 200 regional and local chapters which constitute the COPA Flights. The first flight was formed in Guelph in 1964 and today the program boasts flights in every province and two territories. The COPA Flights are an essential component to the success of the COPA for Kids program which introduces over 3,000 Canadian children to general aviation each year and is a vital component of our collective outreach and promotion within the broader community.

Through the COPA Neil Armstrong J. Scholarship Program, COPA members and friends of former member Neil Armstrong provide scholarship funds each year to help worthy candidates offset the costs of flight training. Neil Armstrong was a pilot, air service operator, COPA director, writer and friend. Through his legacy, Canadian youth are being welcomed into the general aviation community and keeping alive the spirit and the dedication that Neil Armstrong embodied.

Today we are proud to represent close to 16,000 members in every province and territory who recognize the need for strong, effective representation resting on our core principles of integrity, commitment, discovery, unity and leadership. COPA’s heritage is an important part of our identity as a community and the same vision that led to our organizations founding in 1952 guides us to this day as we continue to advance, promote, and preserve the Canadian freedom to fly.

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Uniting with members across Canada, the first and currently active local flight was based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan for COPA Flight 10. Since then, aviation enthusiasts across Saskatchewan have bonded through the privilege and freedom to fly- forming 8 flights and growing in number to over 680 members across the province! Throughout the years, COPA members have hosted and enjoyed various fly ins, breakfasts, educational community meetings, COPA for KIDS flights and fun filled community outings. 

Join us to and experience the freedom of flight surrounded by those keen to share their knowledge and have a passion for aviation!  


Members across the province come from backgrounds of all kinds- from students to professionals, each have a love for aviation and a zest to fly! Join our initiative to grow as a province, learn as a unit and enjoy our freedom to fly!

Feel free to learn more about each of our flights on the individual flight pages, connect with a member though our member contacts, share your opinion on our private community COPA Facebook page, share your adventure on our social media or submit your local impromptu or formal aviation event to share with fellow members!


Aviation is a way of life combining nature, technology, and community. Planning and flying cross countries with local youth groups, coordinating at risk youth to attend women in aviation events, presenting at schools, and enjoying the thrill of advancing my students training through safety and fun is how I enjoy sharing my love of aviation. Across different provinces many fellow Canadians (especially youth and mature pilots) have shared with me that growth in aviation is unattainable or not feasible.

Sharing resources, opportunities, creating safety in each members personal aircraft, and/or starting a career is a challenge we can overcome. I know we can evolve, educate, and grow our aviation community by creating a welcoming and safe environment to our aviation and non-aviation members alike. I want to share my love of aviation with fellow Canadians and bring the sense of excitement back to aviation. Advancing aviation in anyway is priceless and I look forward to being a part of it!