New Recording: Day In the Life of a Water Bomber Pilot , Terry Holowach

ZOOM Recording for DAy in the Life of a Water Bomber Pilot, Terry Holowach

Thank you so much Terry!


“A Day in the Life of a Water Bomber Pilot” by Terry Holowach – adventurer and professional pilot of over 40 years!

Terry completed the  Mount Royal University Aviation Program, in 1978! Hired after Graduation by Floyd Glass and Athabaska Airways and spent the next four years in Buffalo Narrows! After Buffalo Narrows, Terry was hired by the SK government and waterbombed for them for 24 years!

Some stories for another time include flying down to the tropics, and an escapade in Panama for three years starting an air cargo line… this particular story included language and flight barriers including creating  27 manuals in Spanish to begin the airline certification process. Other adventures include flying a LearJet from Hamilton with Latitude Air Ambulance, a global medevac provider. Post LearJet, Terry rejoined Saskatchewan Air Ambulance, and has flown there the last 6 years. This summer, there was a pilot shortage in La Ronge for Water Bomber Pilots, and Terry was the quickest way to fill a seat, so he was invited back, and most likely will retire there as a Water Bomber pilot!