#13 Clues

Clues to Which Airport I am:

I originally had a telegraph station 11 km SW of where the City is now placed.

I am the only place in Canada that commemorates the Dominion Telegraph Line.

This Location provides free archeological excavations of the original town for tourists and elementary students!

Our Teams colours are black, green, yellow and white.



  1. Find Something that Represents my Runway Elevation: 1,859
  2. Fly 11 KM South of my City and see if you can discover my original town! 
  3. HuM BOLT: HUM while you find 3 BOLTS somewhere…
  4. Discover what my Magnetic Variation is: FIND that number of items from Humbolt with the colour GREEN.
  5. Make a Paper Airplane and write down  your name, where you are from and your favorite veggie. Leave it at the airport!