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COPA Fight #3 was started in Estevan SK. in the 1950’s then revived again in 2011 with renewed interest in the Estevan Flying Club.


COPA Flight #3 is all about flying. We love going places near and far! We have done trips all over North America including the Bahamas, the U.S., and northern Saskatchewan. On most weekends however you will find we have a strong group of passionate pilots that enjoy the local out of the way day trips. We have a strong group of classic tailwheel pilots and we do regular fly outs to many farm strips. We hold an annual northern fishing trip, to explore the northern regions of our province. As with most COPA flights we are simply a group of individuals that simply love aviation and enjoy doing it together with friends.

If you are from S.E Saskatchewan and fly, or you want to learn to fly and find out more about aviation you are welcome with us! Come out anytime to the Estevan Regional Airport just 3 mile north of Estevan on Highway 47N. Call 306-634-8668 anytime.


Coordinates: N 49.21 W102.97


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We meet bi-monthly at the Estevan Regional Airport on the second Tuesday of even numbered months, February, April, June, August, October, and December

$30 annual fee that also gives .10 cent a litre off fuel at the Estevan Regional Airport

A wide variety of people from all walks of life belong to COPA Flight #3. We all share a common bond of loving aviation and flying. If you are a pilot or simply love aviation and want to be around aircraft you are welcome.

No you do not have to be a pilot or own an aircraft. Simply come out and join in on any activities you would like.

We support and promote interest in general aviation in South East Saskatchewan by creating community awareness for aviation. We also provide an avenue for local pilots to get together and do trips and events that provide a fun atmosphere to do life and aviation together.


$30 Annually

Flight Crew

Richard Reetz


Richard is the airport manager at the Estevan Regional Airport. He has been involved with aviation all his life as his father, brother and grandfather also all fly. Richard has a multi IFR license and has over 6500 hours and is a licensed AME. Richard enjoys seeing new people get involved in aviation and loves traveling with his wife and adult children by air.

Neal Linthicum


Hi there this is Neal Linthicum Co-Captain for COPA Flight #3 in Estevan / Weyburn. I have been involved with Flight #3 since 2011 when we re-activated the flights status to active.
As a youngster I remember looking up airplanes in the World Book encyclopedias we had at home and being amazed by the Boeing 747 and fighter planes and dreaming about being a pilot. As time went by becoming a pilot seem to be quite far out of reach with the expense of it all, then some friends of my (Patrick Dupuis and Shawn Madsen) approached me with a plan for group ownership and my childhood dream became a reality. I now have been a pilot for 15 years and am a big supporter of group ownership as it can make aviation an affordable hobby for almost anyone that dreams of flying. Over the years I have gotten to see and do some pretty cool things in our plane but more importantly it’s the people that I enjoy the most from our local club in Estevan, to the fuel attendant in Chippewa County who provided you a car and direction to the best place to eat in town or the airport operator that trusts you to fuel your plane then write the amount in a book so he can invoice you later. These are just a few of the great things that I enjoy about flying and excited to come to the airport.

Doug McClement


Doug is an asphalt paving contractor and loves to fly for business and pleasure. He started taking his flying lessons while resurfacing the Estevan Airport in 2015. Since earning his private license in 2016, he has flown about 400 hours and recently sold his Cardinal and upgraded to a Piper Lance. Doug loves to give rides to kids at the COPA for Kids event and loves taking people up for their first airplane ride.

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