COPA Report for Saskatchewan May 2021

The Canadian Owner and Pilots Association (COPA) has a variety of news advocacy projects moving forward, 2021 COPA AGM and Fly In. See below for information on changes and recent events for COPA national, and the COPA Saskatchewan area.

Confirmation of the Annual General Meeting for COPA members will be held on May 26, 2021 1pm EST. The COPA National first ever Virtual Fly-in will be held June 27, 2021. Activities include Rust Removers, Fore-Flight Seminar, RPAS safety seminar etc. Details on website below. We also have an auction – if you have any services, activities or products you would like to auction please contact COPA headquarters or Candace Pardo. Items include flight reviews, headsets etc. Most Recently, COPA National had the Board of Directors meeting on May 8, 2021.

Advocacy Updates
COPA members have had concerns have included the 10 year Propeller Overhaul, the proposed Luxury Tax on new aircraft, 406 ELT mandate, Nav Canada Studies and possible service terminations, RPAS inclusivity and most recently the NPA 2021-007; Proposed amendment to CARS affecting night VFR.

10 Year Propeller Overhaul:
COPA HQ and Technical Force comprised of COPA Board members, approaching Transport Canada.
TCCA Operational Airworthiness thoroughly analyzed and reviewed the data received from propellor manufacturers and FAA sources and concluded that there was too much risk of a system failure due to corrosion in critical blade retention components if the current limit of ten years was extended further. One small compromise was provided in that the current limits published in CARS Standard 625; Appendix C could be extended up to 10%. TCCA IPB 2020-11 and a Draft Industry Memo have been published by TCCA Operational Airworthiness staff within the last year that give technical details on how to request the 10% extension. You can request a download of the IPB 2020-11 document on the COPA National website.

Luxury Tax
As was posted on COPA National social media, COPA was invited to share feedback with the House of Commons Tuesday May 25, 2021
Along with the announcement of the 2021 proposed Federal Budget came the infamous Luxury Tax. In February 2020, when this tax was first proposed, COPA responded to the then Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, strongly opposing this proposal. On April 22, 2021, we sent a new letter to the Prime Minister, Finance Minister, Transport Minister and opposition leaders with our concerns and proposed recommendations. This letter is available to all our members here.
In our continued efforts to lobby the government to amend its proposal, COPA invites all its members to write to their MPs and copy us at Contact details for MPs can be found on the Parliament of Canada website.
As was posted on COPA National social media, COPA was invited to share feedback with the House of Commons Tuesday May 25, 2021

Nav Canada Studies:
COPA is actively communicating with Nav Canada and Transport Canada amidst the pandemic. Communications have included the Nav Canada new service changes and the temporary medical certificate extensions with Transport Canada. Nav Canada announced they will NOT be terminating facilities, including various Services in Saskatchewan. please see the links below for more details.

NAV CANADA and Edmonton Flight Information Region.
April 30, 2021 Nav Canada transitioned from Winnipeg Flight Information Centre to Edmonton flight Region. If you previously changed your flight plan, or spoke to Winnipeg Radio, it is now “Edmonton FIC or Edmonton Radio.”
Aviation Medicals.
COPA’s work continues even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are receiving difficulty with your Aviation medical, Contact COPA National HQ or your Board of Director. We have open communication with the head of the CAME office to ensure direct communication for our COPA Members.
Most Aviation Doctors are now offering in person medical and telephone medical interviews.

Regarding the NPA 2021-007; Proposed amendment to CARS affecting night VFR, we are addressing the issue with our Board of Directors Technical Task Force, CEO and Director of External Relations. Rest assured, we will respond prior to the July 13th deadline which shall be through membership feedback and concerns. Share your thoughts!

Saskatchewan currently holds 9 flights, the newest addition is Moose Jaw Flying Club ( COPA FLIGHT 215). We are looking forward to the possibility of two new COPA Flight clubs emerging, and one COPA flight being reinstated the next few months as well. Wonderful growth in Saskatchewan!

Although in person events have been scarce, each COPA Flight in Saskatchewan has made an effort to provide presenters and current discussion topics most Tuesday Nights. Most COPA Flights still hold their AGM and individual COPA meetings on other week days. Presenters have included Flight Service Specialist, ATC, Foreflight, Mountain Seminars, Aviation Doctors, Mission Aviation Fellowship, Aviation history in Saskatchewan, Adventures around the world, in Mexico and Australia, and trying our first ever “Discussion Night” regarding Stabilized approaches! If you would like to help volunteer sending one email, social media post or hosting the zoom meetings, contact Your Flight Captain or Candace. A list of presenters and their contact info is listed under the MEMBERS PAGE on the website. Password for members is skcopa_2021. Recordings are found on the NEWS page.
We have an email group If you are interested in traveling to BC the first week of July- please contact Josh Duek, who has spearheaded organizing this beginner to advanced trip. Contact:

Huge thank you to each person who has contributed their time, ideas and creativity for these Tuesday events and national issues! We have had multiple meetings open to all members to brainstorm innovative ways to include all COPA flights and members Thanks to these efforts, COPA Flights have ability to email most members about events, MAILCHIMP, Facebook and Instagram. Ideas to try SLACK, Whats App for individual events have been mused upon as well. If you have suggestions to ensure we are more inclusive, please Contact Your Flight Captain- we would LOVE your input!
June 4-5 and 19-20 we have a province wide scavenger hunt incorporated with many municipalities, COPA Flights, COPA member airstrips and Nav Canada. If you would like to contribute, contact Candace- its never too late. Details to be provided this weekend.
In the future if you have any COPA related questions or ideas, feel free to contact Candace Pardo, Board of Director/Regional Representative for Saskatchewan or Christine Gervais, CEO and President.
In the event you are unable to reach Christine or Candace, leave your contact details and they will be happy to contact you back.
Follow and Chat with COPA and COPA Saskatchewan’s social media: @flyskcopa, @copanational, #flyskcopa #allforflight.
Blue Skies,
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